In addition to the traditional third party collection services, LDB & Associates has developed an array of collection solutions that can be used to maintain an accounts receivable system, whether commercial or consumer.

Letter Writing Collections - This is a customer directed collection program for handling mainly small balance delinquent customers. It is a pay as you use program. There are no up-front costs, prepayments, or coupons to purchase. We do not require a minimum number of accounts or a minimum dollar amount per account. We can print the letter series on your stationery or ours. You can customize the letter text or use our proven letter series. We can accept single claims, groups, or bulk placements via electronic transfer. Your customers will be instructed to send their payment to your mail point or lock box network. Volume letter programs are available as low as $.75 a letter.

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First Party Voice Service - This is a soft approach collection procedure that gets results. It is an affordable, per account or contingent fee program designed to work lower balance accounts while valuable management time is spent on the larger balance accounts that have a direct effect on cash flow and days sales outstanding (DSO). This is a collection program that is performed at our site and we are totally transparent to your customers. Programs can be tailored utilizing a combination of this program and the letter writing collection procedure.

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Credit Check - Need a credit report? Need to find somebody? Order our reports without having to sign any contract. Order one or ten reports, same low price. Experian single agency reports are a low as $10.00 each. Discounts are available for high usage customers.

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Credit Group Management System - Our Credit Group Management System is a professional information and group interchange computer program. It was developed with the objective of providing the industry credit interchanges with a powerful low-cost tool for managing their industry group. The user-friendly system is Windows 95/98 compatible.


  • Menu driven with button bars or point & click mouse option
  • Intuitive program eliminates lengthy user manual
  • Portable program allows laptop utilization
  • Available 24 hours daily
  • Current Data: Internet updated within 24 hours of group meeting
  • Credit report generation without having to access a network.

Three Easy ways to access information:

  • Manually: Members submit and receive "paper" report
  • Email: Contains historical data from members. Updated after each group meeting.
  • CD-ROM or Floppy Disk: Contains historical data from members. Updated after each group meeting.

System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, or ME, Pentium compatible, 32 MB RAM, 256 Color, 15 MB free disk space, CD-ROM Drive.

Credit Management Consulting - LDB & Associates Command Credit Consultant Program provides professional consulting and industry focused services in the areas of:

  • Credit & Collection Accounts Receivable Management Functions
  • Professional Credit & Collection Education & Seminar Programs
  • Credit & Collection Policy & Procedure Systems

These resources have been designed to develop and/or enhance credit and collection systems that will accelerate cash flow, thereby elevating the knowledge of the credit professionals while implementing a program that is designed to reduce a company's investment in accounts receivable. A published policy and credit guide can be incorporated in the final product.

These services are designed to support the administration of a corporate credit and collection function. The service is available for one-to-one utilization or group training. A vital member of our staff is our founder, Lee Baldieri, whose credentials include many years as a senior corporate credit executive, past President of Southwestern Connecticut NACM and an instructor in credit & collection management courses at the University of Bridgeport and the University of Hartford.

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