Collection Services

Proven Solutions for the Credit & Collection Community – The LDB Collection Function has been an industry standard for over 35 years. Adjusting our systems and procedures to the demanding needs of our clients has positioned us to be in demand by many Fortune 500 companies.

The Procedure

Our response to a client’s claim is immediate. Our computer system does a database comparison test looking for a match by a prior client placement. This automated procedure benefits the client as in many cases we know whom to contact in order to get paid. From here, a skilled collection professional takes over and within 24 hours makes contact with the debtor, asking for payment in full. For reporting clients, a written or oral report is given within the first 24 hours. Our collection staff is trained to maximize dollar recovery while maintaining debtor goodwill for our client.

The Tools

Utilizing in-house servers, we have invested in a premier collection software system called The Collector by Columbia Ultimate Business Systems (CUBS). Integrated into the software system are automated dialers and an imaging system produced by Compass Imaging Systems. Using a high speed internet connection, our collection staff adds a new dimension to client reporting with the use of e-mail client conferencing.

The Various Collection Services

We treat all debtor placements the same. Our collection staff is not dollar balance sensitive. Regardless of the size of a placement, our methods do not vary. Our aim is to maximize recovery for our clients. We accept single as well as bulk placements and can accept them via US mail, facsimile, Internet or through a customized bridge from our client’s computer to ours. We offer a flexible letter writing service and an early calling outsourcing program or a combination of a letter and a call. These programs are available for domestically located debtors as well those debtor located outside the borders of the United States.

The Reports

We cover all areas of client reporting. Depending on the needs of our clients, our staff keeps a steady flow of communications of debtor events. For non-reporting clients, a monthly inventory report is available. We use the US mail, telephone, facsimile machines and e-mail to deliver to our client the status of a debtor account.

Attorney Network

We are affiliated with attorneys who specialize in commercial litigation, asset location and debt recovery. This body of professionals stretches worldwide, thereby allowing us to manage our client’s interests and attempt to protect their rights regardless of the debtor’s location. We utilize this network to demonstrate to the subject debtor that our client is represented locally.