Our Company

Quality Collection Services for the last 35 Years


Levy Diamond Bello & Associates, LLC is a credit and collection service firm with roots dating back to 1982 that manages a commercial and consumer accounts receivable portfolio for businesses around the world.

Our success depends on the same basic values that contribute to the success of any business; knowledge, drive and integrity.  We strive to create a culture that fosters such values by investing heavily in technology and training.

We take pride in a management team consistently geared toward providing effective solutions to the credit and collection industry, a top notch customer service team, an attorney on staff and a tenured core collection team fully staffed with “Senior Certified Collection Professionals” as awarded by the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America.

The owners and managers of LDB & Associates maintain corporate credo and core values concentrating on client needs and satisfaction.

Our collection team is result and customer service oriented.  The group works in an incentive based environment, which serves as the motivation in attaining objectives set forth by our clients.  To satisfy a debt while keeping customer goodwill is corporate mantra.

Maintenance of state of the art technology has simplified the collection process between our clients and us.  The flexibility of our system allows for all types of specialized reporting.  Clients can gain secure entry into their accounts through our collection module, which is accessed via our website.  A variety of payment options available 24/7 through our website has enabled us to show a high rate of average recovery to our clients and has shortened the time frame from start to finish.


Levy Diamond Bello & Associate’s principals are members of the Commercial Law League of America. We are proud members of the American Collection Association and the International Association of Commercial Collectors. We are bonded and insured and maintain a trust account for moneys collected for our clients as required by the aforementioned affiliations and state licensing agencies nationwide.

Corporate Mission

To provide accounts receivable products and services to credit and collection professionals around the globe that reduces their company’s exposure to bad debt.